Unlike some others, Scott Van Pelt was quick to credit Dak Prescott after the Dallas Cowboys star opened up regarding his difficult offseason following the loss of his brother from suicide and dealing with being quarantined this year.

During his most recent appearance on SportsCenter, the ESPN host shared his thoughts on the new era of transparency we are seeing from professional athletes.

“We’ve never had more access to athletes than we do right now. Social media has allowed them to control message and their brand like never before,” Van Pelt says in the clip below. “But it’s more than that. The modern athlete is more willing than his or her predecessors to share themselves in ways that reveal their humanity, their vulnerability.

“It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these stars are just like we are. Because we won’t ever be in line for 30 some odd million dollar a year contract. We won’t ever be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys but we all carry around things with us, pain, burdens, fears, and they get heavy – because they are real, even if you’re the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Check it out below, courtesy of SportsCenter:

Van Pelt took the right approach here, unlike some others.