Let this be a lesson to all you aspiring NFL Draft prospects out there.

It’s OK to cheer for your favorite team on social media, but be careful who you criticize– they might just be your teammate someday.

Former Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott was selected in the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday by the Dallas Cowboys, which was a dream come true for a lifelong Cowboys fan.

It also presents a hilariously awkward situation for Prescott as he comes in to back up and potentially replace long-time Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo.

Following a Cowboys loss in 2012, Prescott went on a post-game rant about Romo’s performance.

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Screenshot 2016-05-01 at 10.38.17 AM

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If anything, it simply shows he’s a football fan like the rest of us. Who among us hasn’t gone on a post-game tired at the expense of our favorite team’s starting QB in the moments after a disappointing loss?

According to Dallas SportsDay, which first identified these tweets, Prescott was singing a much different tune about Romo during his presser with the Dallas media on Saturday:

When asked about Romo on Saturday, Prescott said: “Romo wins and I win and I think that’s the biggest thing you can take from the quarterback’s position, the biggest takeaway. He goes out there and he wins a lot of games and always has the Cowboys in position to win a game and I felt like I did the same thing in college. To come to the Cowboys and learn under him will be exciting.”

This is a complete non-issue as it pertains to Prescott’s pro career, but it could create a funny moment when he and Romo meet up at Cowboys camp.