Dak Prescott was well-prepared for the spotlight that comes with being the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, also referred to as “America’s Team.”

The Mississippi State legend, just 23 years old and third in the NFL with a 103.2 passer rating, says his time with the Bulldogs helped create a temperament that is a perfect fit for one of the most glorified organizations in the professional ranks.

He was a superstar on and off the field.

“People always say there’s no way Mississippi State prepared you for all of this this, and I always say y’all just don’t understand,” Prescott told ESPN.com Thursday. “At Mississippi State, they were wild. I couldn’t go to class. When I was in class, people were asking me to sign stuff and they were taking selfies with me on the way to class.

“In the NFL, it might be crazier on social media but, in person, it’s actually easier because everyone understands it’s just my job. In college, they’re not thinking like that.”

Playing quarterback for the Cowboys requires a certain personality. You’re constantly under the microscope and lurking in the shadows are five Super Bowl rings and a plethora of decorated Hall of Famers — something fans have come to expect.

It’s like no other occupation in sports.

“You’re talking about the most high-profile, the most valuable franchise arguably in the world, and you’re the leader of it,” said vice president Stephen Jones. “When you do well, there’s nothing like it and when you don’t, you come under a lot of criticism. You’re gonna get looked over.”

Prescott, who has led the Cowboys to a 12-2 record with two games before the playoffs, has completed 292-of-431 pass attempts (67.7 percent) for 3,418 yards, 20 touchdowns and four interceptions. He’s also added six scores on the ground and is in contention for the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.