Dan Mullen had an outstanding debut last season and he’s been a part of two national championships as offensive coordinator in Gainesville but when recently asked which victory was the most meaningful of his coaching career, the Florida coach recalled one of his favorite memories of his time in Starkville as Mississippi State’s head coach.

The Florida coach was a recent participant of the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge golf tournament but that event involves more than just playing golf for charity. Mullen was asked several questions ranging from his golf game, to any superstitions he has as well as the most meaningful football win of his career.

While it clearly wasn’t an easy question to answer for the Gator coach, the win that immediately came to mind for Mullen came back in 2014 when Mississippi State took down Auburn to earn the No. 1 ranking in the nation the following week.

“Boy, there’s probably been a couple of them. I gotta say in 2014, playing against Auburn when I was at Mississippi State,” Mullen revealed.

He then explained his decision in more detail.

“As a coach, that had to be, that had to be the one. They were ranked No. 2, we were ranked. No. 3 and after that game we took Mississippi State to the No. 1 team in the country. That was pretty special,” Mullen added. “That would be up there with winning the state championship game in high school. Those two would battle, one as a player, one as a coach.”

Some Florida fans may be disappointed to hear that answer but the truth is Mullen hasn’t likely scratched the surface of the heights he plans to take the Gators program in the years to come. If leading his program to No. 1 in the middle of the season is Mullen’s most meaningful win to date, just imagine how bad he wants to finish a season that way in Gainesville.