Before taking the main stage to address the assembled media Tuesday during the SEC’s Media Days, Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen joined the SEC Network to discuss among other things the Magnolia State rivalry.

Here’s what Mullen had to say when Paul Finebaum brought up the rivalry:

“I think people get too confused in the rivalries between the schools,” Mullen said. “There’s not much I like about the school up north at all. As a whole. But the individuals there’s nothing personal that comes with that. It’s a rivalry between the institutions.”

Mullen’s ‘personal’ comment are interesting considering Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze joined ESPN for an exclusive interview Monday to discuss how the personal attacks on his character are beginning to create make Freeze “callous,” something he says he never intended to happen.

“I think it’s just a fun, friendly rivalry. But I think the success that the two schools have had maybe in some way has downplayed the rivalry,” Mullen said. “Where it used to be in Mississippi, that’s what you had. If you look at the success that both schools have had. Both schools are playing for a lot more these days than maybe they had in the past. Maybe there are some fans that want it to just be about that one game and not about the bigger picture of the programs.”

Mullen has a 4-3 record against Ole Miss, while Freeze has a 3-1 record against Mississippi State.

With both Mississippi State and Ole Miss experiencing unprecedented success in history seasons, the Egg Bowl Rivalry has been given a significant jump start, however some would argue too much vitriol exists between the two fan bases.