Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead may be one of the more emotional coaches in the SEC, and following the tough loss at Tennessee, Moorhead was especially introspective.

“At the end of the day, the people who know me best in this world know me as a people pleaser,” Moorhead said at his regular Monday press conference. “Nothing means more to me than to bring a consistently successful championship-level program to Mississippi State. Every waking moment not spent with my family is utilized in an effort to make it happen. It makes losing games so difficult, because of the investment, it’s not just a loss, it crushes your soul, and you never get over it. You learn to live with it.”

The Bulldogs play host to No. 2 LSU this week in a game Moorhead announced would be a “white out” and he encouraged all the fans to bring their cowbells and make it a true home field advantage.

Moorhead also announced that Garrett Shrader would start at quarterback after he went 5-for-10 passing for 79 yards in the 20-10 loss at Tennessee with a touchdown and interception. Tommy Stevens was 6-for-11 passing for 67 yards and 2 interceptions.

Moorhead said he understands the fans’ perspective.

“There are people that watch the game and get mad and deservedly kind of point out some things, and kind of go about their day and cut their grass and go to church and go to have a meal and go to their job,” he said. “But for us it festers, and I take the responsibility of running this program, 120 student-athletes, our 40 staff members, our students, our administrators, our faculty members and our great fans very seriously and treat it with a sacred respect and I’m doing it to the absolute best of my ability.”