This actually is a very difficult week to have a “lock.” Most of the games don’t even have a line up yet. Gotta love the “tune-up” matchups right before the rivalry games.

After looking up the lines and figuring out who I think would be a “lock,” I have to go with Mississippi State -30 at home against Vanderbilt.

I think Vandy is coming into a bad situation. The Bulldogs just lost for the first time all season and are on the very edge of the first College Football Playoff. I think that Dan Mullen will try to prove a point and get these guys, especially Dak Prescott, some confidence.

After his Heisman campaign took a hit this past weekend, I think playing against a struggling Vanderbilt defense is just what the doctor ordered for Prescott. The Bulldogs are going to have to get Josh Robinson involved as well. This should be a pretty easy win for Mississippi State and I think they get back on track just in time for the most important Egg Bowl in recent memory.

I will say that I’m a big fan of Johnny McCray, the quarterback for Vandy. He has an unbelievable story and is a very talented quarterback. I am really pulling for him and hope he plays a good game.

Dan Mullen can’t let these guys overlook Vandy and peek into next week’s clash with Ole Miss. Time and time again teams sleepwalk when they have a much bigger game the following week.

I think Coach Mullen has these guys prepped and ready to rock and roll this week and light up the score board. The spread is pretty massive, but I think this is probably the best bet over this weekend’s games.