Greg Sankey is kicking off SEC Media Days with his opening remarks delivered Monday afternoon. He also had a special gesture to honor longtime head coach Mike Leach who passed away late in 2022.

Sankey revealed he had a backstage discussion with Leach during media days last year. That discussion centered around the uselessness of neckties and questioning why neckties are still used but powdered wigs went away.

Sankey explained he is without a necktie for Monday’s appearance as a way to honor Leach:

Here are Sankey’s full comments on Leach saying the head coach will be missed but not forgotten by the SEC:

Neckties are admittedly an overblown part of wardrobes these days, but Sankey rarely makes a public appearance without one as the commissioner of the SEC. At the end of the day, it’s a thoughtful and artful gesture by Sankey to recognize Leach and the void he leaves at SEC Media Days and the sport of college football.