Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting in the Egg Bowl transfer saga, Fabien Lovett and Jarrian Jones are both now headed to Florida State.

On the heels of speculation that Lovett would be following Jones to Ole Miss, it turns Jones has decided to follow Lovett to Tallahassee.

What a wild turn of events.

If you are just now catching up on this saga, Lovett was the first Mississippi State player to announce his departure from Starkville following Mike Leach’s infamous tweet. Citing the tweet as the reason for his departure, Lovett committed to transferring to Florida State not long after that but never enrolled in Tallahassee. Transfer commitments are not binding until the player enrolls in a class at their new school.

A few weeks later, Jones entered the NCAA transfer portal and announced his transfer to Ole Miss just days later. Following Jones’ decision, there was plenty of speculation that Lovett was set to follow Jones to Oxford.

Keep in mind, Lane Kiffin hired former Mississippi State cornerbacks coach Terrell Buckley and defensive line coach Deke Adams this offseason. Had Jones and Lovett transferred to Ole Miss, they would have kept the same position coaches despite playing at a different school in 2020.

Lovett then reaffirmed his commitment to Florida State over the weekend and now, suddenly, Jones is headed to Florida State as he made that announcement on Monday morning.

Whatever happened behind the scenes, Mississippi State won this round of the Egg Bowl rivalry by keeping these two players away from Kiffin’s program.