Jeff Lebby understands how important the Egg Bowl is to both sides, especially since he was an assistant at Ole Miss.

Lebby will now be on the other side of the rivalry as the head coach at Mississippi State.

Lebby, at Monday’s introductory press conference, said he was very excited for the chance to take part in the rivalry again. He is aware of how much pride is on the line for both teams each year and loves how invested the fanbases are.

“I know the importance of that game after living it for 2 years. I’m incredibly excited. I understand how prideful the state is. I love the fact that our fan base wants that game more than anyone,” said Lebby. “Sitting in this chair, I don’t take it lightly. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. The people in this state are gonna have a lot of fun with that game and I’m one of them.”

Ole Miss won the Egg Bowl from 2020-2021 while Lebby was the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach there.

The Egg Bowl was won by Ole Miss this season in a tight 17-7 battle with Mississippi State.

It sounds like Lebby can’t wait to coach in it on the Mississippi State sideline next season.