Tommy Stevens made an impression on Mississippi State fans last week when he had 11 carries for 37 yards and a touchdown.

The Penn State transfer showed how the Joe Moorhead offense puts pressure on the defense, and it unfolded in a 38-28 victory over Louisiana. Stevens also went 20-for-30 passing for 236 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Moorhead discussed that topic along with the State receivers, the leadership of Erroll Thompson and how important depth is on the SEC media teleconference:

  • On MSU specialist Twitter account: I guess they are like most specialists, they are very unique. They spend part of their day working and the rest of the day on their Twitter account. I’ve seen their stuff, it’s pretty good.
  • On MSU running attack: Anytime your quarterback can be a threat in the running back, it challenges the full length of the field… I think you saw that in the first game. The better we can throw it, the more run boxes we will see that’s advantageous for the running game
  • On MSU’s wide receivers: I think they were, for the most part, assignment correct… I don’t think there were any drops… I think we have a ton of production from the Z position… it was good that we were able to spread the ball around among the receivers.
  • On the leadership of Erroll Thompson: He was voted captain, so that’s a plus… he could have had a few more tackles for a loss, but he is a guy that does it vocally and on the field, the team looks up to him.
  • On the depth of his team: Like most people, you wish you had quality depth across the board at all positions… in a 12-week schedule, partially an SEC West schedule, you have to make sure you have as many bodies as possible because it is a long, tough schedule.
  • On LB coach Chris Marve: I didn’t get much from Coach Franklin because Coach Shoop was his coordinator… he won multiple SEC awards as a player, I think he will be a coordinator soon and a successful coach.