Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead gave his second passionate speech of the week following the Bulldogs’ loss against LSU on Saturday.

LSU had 415 yards of offense in a 36-13 victory, but the Bulldogs made it somewhat interesting in the first half as they had 3 sacks of QB Joe Burrow. It was just 3-0 after the first quarter, but LSU pulled away in the second and third quarters.

“This week we stressed, last night at the hotel and this morning, is that we were going to freaking fight,” Moorhead said. “No matter what the circumstance was, all right, we were going to continue to punch, continue to scratch, continue to claw and get up off the mat, and no matter what the clock said, what the score said, we were going to keep plugging away and keep fighting. I thought our kids did that. That was a different football team than I saw on the field against Tennessee. That was stressed. We were going to play with emotion, we were going to play with pride, and we were going to play with intelligence. The intelligence part maybe we didn’t get.”