Joe Moorhead’s job status has been a topic of discussion for several weeks, and he’s been mentioned as a top candidate for the open job at Rutgers. The Mississippi State coach was asked on the SEC coaches teleconference about his job being talked about often.

The reporter noted that the Bulldogs won eight games last year, and asked if the criticism gets to Moorhead.

“I haven’t heard any of those things from Mississippi State so I’m worried about putting the kids in a good position to make plays… You understand what you sign up for in this league and people are entitled to their opinions as am I,” he said.

What’s it like being a coach in the SEC?

“I talked to Coach (James) Franklin before coming down here, the highs and lows of it,” Moorhead said of his former boss at Penn State, and former Vanderbilt coach. “I wanted to compete against the best in the SEC… coaching against Coach (Nick) Saban and the rest, it’s a grind every day, the margin of error is small, the praise is great the harshness of it, too… I hate to simplify it to this but this is what you sign up for.”

Here’s what else Moorhead said on the call:

  • On Arkansas QB: You get crossover film in the season… Starkel and Hicks have been good at times, hard to prepare for all 3… I don’t think the offense changes depending on the QB.
  • How do you have success on this Arkansas defense: You have to establish the run, the nose guard, very good player… the middle linebacker is 3-time all SEC guy, Coach Chavis does a nice job.
  • On having your team give write-ups on who inspire them and motivate them: Who do they want to play for, there are a lot of people they owe a lot to, who supported them to get to where they are today.
  • On Kylin Hill and establishing the run: I think continuing to focus on our efficiency and explosiveness in the run game… we cannot turn the ball over, we have to convert on 3rd down, there’s where we need to see the most improvement.