The Mississippi State offense got off to a hot start this year, with QB KJ Costello torching LSU for an SEC-record 623 passing yards.

Now, the Bulldogs take on Arkansas, with many fans wondering if coach Mike Leach can sustain offensive success with his Air Raid schemes.

On SportsCenter on Saturday morning, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said he doesn’t think Leach’s offense will put up big numbers all year long:

“It’s not (sustainable). It was a great start,” he said. “I was shocked to see LSU stay in so much man-to-man coverage. LSU kept getting beaten on those crossers and mesh routes and Costello was throwing a lot of passes underneath. … From now on, they’re going to mix some man principles in, but they’re going to run a lot of ‘rush 3, drop 8,’ ‘rush 4, drop 7’ and make Costello hold the ball, make him read zone coverage and try to disrupt the timing. You feel bad for LSU because they had to be the first ones to go up against this offense. Everybody’s going to use that now as a blueprint of what not to do when they go up against KJ Costello. I would recommend — and I think anyone who watched the game would recommend — get out of man-to-man coverage. … (Leach) lives for pressure and man-to-man coverage.”

Mississippi State should be able to put up numbers against Arkansas on Saturday, but tougher games remain on the schedule.

Can Leach continue to rack up wins and prove doubters like Herbstreit wrong? We’ll find out moving forward.