Mike Leach watched the Jimbo Fisher-Nick Saban fallout from their comments and dust up over name, image and likeness, and sees it as having a short shelf life.

“I think they both kind of illustrate the frustration of how things are right now and it’s not sustainable, so something’s going to change,” Leach said on Tuesday at SEC Media Days. “We haven’t defined what exactly is an amateur, or a student-athlete, as opposed to a professional, and I think we need to do that. I think there is ways to do it.”

Leach believes some football players may have it in their best interest to remain a student athlete.

“College athletes have more privileges than anybody at any level, and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t think it stays the same,” Leach said. “Because there’s responsibilities that go along with being a professional.”

Leach suggested taking this model, which he described as “unmitigated free agency” year round without a salary cap or draft, so that would lend itself to “bidding wars.”

“Watch the expression on their face, and don’t look at anything else or write down any notes, because the expression on their face will be well worth it,” Leach said. “I don’t see this as, I don’t think the dust has settled. We’re in a big transition period on a  number of things in college football and we’ve got sharp guys actively trying to sort it out and I hope that it will be.”