Mississippi State coach Mike Leach has had his share of quarterbacks put up big numbers. In fact, he has several who have eclipsed 600 yards like K.J. Costello did last week in the win over LSU.

Leach was asked about where Costello ranks in the context of all of those previous players. He shared these thoughts on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday.

“Well, right now he’s off to a great start,” Leach said. “This is probably as good of a start as any of them have had. He’s absolutely off to a good start but it’s how many times you can do it in a row and how consistent you are. But I do think the ultimate thing that you want out of your quarterback is elevate the play of the players around him. And I think he does a really good job of that.”

Asked about trying to get his team to refocus following the big upset win, Leach said, “We haven’t changed the whole process or routine.”

Is Leach surprised that other people are continually surprised he has success at each coaching stop?

“I don’t think about it pretty much,” Leach said. “I guess it surprises me sometimes but I think we have good coaches, good players and we all work together.”