Mike Leach is a national treasure, and now, he’ll be in the SEC for the foreseeable future at Mississippi State. SEC Media Days is going to be quality entertainment with Leach attending, and the entertainment factor really went down when Steve Spurrier and Les Miles left.

Leach’s press conferences have gone viral in recent years, as he discusses many things on completely random topics. On Thursday morning, however, he was in the mood to discuss SEC mascots in the only way he knows how.

Leach appeared on 710 ESPN Seattle:

“Missouri’s got a Tiger and Arkansas has a Razorback,” Leach said. “I’ve got to think those Tigers would like to eat one of those Razorbacks. Tigers are pretty formidable and can swim, climb and claw. LSU and Auburn are the Tigers too; so, now we’re up to three Tigers.

“Alabama’s the Elephants. I think they’re the Elephants. They’re one that splits direction,” Leach explained. “As impressive as an elephant is, they say it’s scared of a mouse so it has a weakness somewhere.

“You look at it carefully and melt it all down, and I think you pretty much have to go with the Mississippi State Bulldog. I think he would chase the bears around. Ole Miss is trying to figure out if they’re the Bears or the Rebels. They’re a team without a mascot right now,” Leach continued. “I think even in pictures, Mississippi State Bulldog is a better looking Bulldog than even Georgia’s is.”

You can listen to Leach’s interview below: