Mike Leach is known for his great interviews, and he delivered once again Saturday night during halftime of Mississippi State’s game against Georgia.

The Bulldogs cut UGA’s lead to 17-12 just before halftime on a thrilling 63-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Zavion Thomas. MSU’s offense has just 139 yards against UGA’s elite defense. Quarterback Will Rogers is 13-of-23 for 112 yards.

At halftime, Leach was asked about MSU’s kickoff return for a touchdown and if that shifted momentum.

“It’s big. I mean, every play is important in a game like this. So, uh, yeah,” Leach said.

Leach was then asked about the officials’ calls during the first half. He turned the question around on ESPN’s sideline reporter Molly McGrath.

“What’s your reaction? You’re watching the same game I am. I think you should comment on it, whether positively or negatively, whatever is running through your mind.”

You can watch Leach’s comments below: