Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach can talk about anything, a well-documented fact in college football.

That trend continued when “The Pirate” joined Clay Travis’ Outkick The Coverage on Monday, and was asked about potentially dressing up in a costume on the sideline and how it could come into play when the Bulldogs face off with Alabama in late October.

“Have you ever thought about dressing up on the sideline for a game?” asked Travis. “And what do you think the psychological value would be? Both for your team and what do you think Nick Saban would think if for instance, he looked across the field, and you were dressed as a pirate? Or, you know, some other choice of a costume to coach against him?”

“You know, I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about that. That’d be kind of wild. Nick does seem like the type of guy that would really get into some costume play, though.”

Those are certainly never words that you expect to hear when discussing Alabama head coach Nick Saban, but Mike Leach is no stranger to delivering a memorable quote. Now, we have to hope for some sideline costumes when teams take the field on Halloween Saturday in a few weeks.