Mike Leach regularly comes up with creative ideas to implement in college football, and the Mississippi State coach came with some fresh thoughts with Paul Finebaum on the SEC Network on Tuesday at SEC Media Days.

Leach raised the possibility of introducing a draft for college football, and the opportunity for trades, such as the kind of thing that happens with minor league baseball players.

“People are shocked about this, but there are 17-year-olds getting traded all over the country in minor league baseball,” Leach said. “Not only that, they stick him in a room with 4 people and on a bus. I say we don’t do that. I would say we put him on a plane.”

Leach from the podium earlier on Tuesday said one problem with college football is it’s trying to find a balance between amateur and professional ranks.

“Well, we haven’t defined exactly what is an amateur, a student-athlete, as opposed to a professional. I think we need to do that. I think there is ways to do it,” he said. “I think some football players it may be in their best interest to remain a student-athlete, under that model, as opposed to professional and vice versa.”