No football coach is quite like Mike Leach. And he’s proven that over the years with his funny stories and quirky comments, stuff that you would never hear from other coaches at press conferences.

On Monday, Leach provided some more entertainment while speaking to the media. Mississippi State notched a 31-17 win over Kentucky on Saturday, and it had a balanced offensive approach. The Bulldogs had 39 passes and 35 rushes in the victory.

But as Leach noted, he often hears about his team not passing or running enough, one way or the other. And because of that, he came up with a creative idea:

It was clearly a joke, but with Leach, you can never be too sure. If there was any college coach to execute such a game plan, it would likely be him.

Of course, don’t expect to actually see the Bulldogs only pass or only run in their next game.

Likely to have an actual balanced approach, Mississippi State will seek its third straight win when it goes on the road to face Arkansas on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on SEC Network.