The competition to be Mike Leach’s first starting quarterback at Mississippi State rages on from Starkville as the Bulldogs are currently wrapping up the second week of camp under their first-year head coach.

The favorite to win the job is Stanford graduate transfer KJ Costello, and thus far, the first-year Mississippi State quarterback has done nothing to drop from the pole position in the race, according to his head coach.

Here is what Leach had to say during his most recent press conference when asked if Costello, Garrett Shrader and Will Rogers were still getting the vast majority of reps at this point in camp.

“We’re doing the same thing currently,” Leach offered up on Saturday. “I think that KJ is ahead, but we’re trying to see as much as we can out of Shrader and Will. We’re going to have to pare that down, too.”

When asked for a timeline when it comes to making the team’s depth chart, Leach said his team still has a ways to go before those decisions can be made looking ahead to the season.

“I can’t say we’re close to it. We’re tapering in on it, you know? Without a spring, I think that’s made it a little more challenging,” Leach added. “But that’s one of our biggest challenges right now is to define the depth chart so that we can channel the reps into the guys with are going to play the most with.

“If you don’t do that, you successfully make everybody mediocre. Yeah, you’ve got to make some tough decisions. This is different that a PE class. You’ve got to invest the reps in the guys who are going to be important to you to go out there and win.”

One other interesting note from Leach came when asked about the status of receiver Malik Heath. The former No. 1 overall junior college receiver in the nation was recently arrested after being caught driving 20 miles over the speed limit, driving without a license and without insurance, driving with improper equipment and driving under the influence.

Heath was not allowed to practice following that arrest, which took place just under three weeks ago, but has since earned his way back on to the team, according to Leach.

“He’s practicing. Any other issues we’re addressing internally,” the Mississippi State coach said.

Photo credit: Mississippi State Athletics