Mike Leach has a very simple philosophy: Players and coaches achieve together.

If that sounds simple, it’s because it is.

Mississippi State fans that don’t know it yet will come to find out, Coach Leach keeps things simple and the results have proven to follow over his nearly 20 years as a head coach and even further back if you want to go back to his days as an assistant coach at places like Oklahoma, Kentucky and Valdosta State.

“I’ve never thought players and coaches are separate,” Leach says in the video below. “Occasionally you’ll hear a coach say something like, ‘Well, I coached him, I told him everything he just won’t do it.’ Players and coaches achieve together.

“I get a kick out of coaches that go, ‘I’ve told him 1,000 times and he just won’t do it.’ I’m thinking, really? You’ve told him 1,000 times? If you are telling somebody something 1,000 times and they still won’t do it, you are a horrible coach! You outta find a better profession.”