Mike Leach paid a visit to The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday and was asked if it feels like football season yet, given the change of schedule and all the new safety measures and protocols.

“It does on the practice field, seeing the empty stadiums kind of doesn’t,” Leach said, and referred to games having a “spring game feel.”

Leach said the involvement of fans screaming and yelling before hand is a part of the atmosphere.

Finebaum asked Leach about if he thinks about being back in the Pac-12 with Washington State during this kind of environment.

“You’d be in the middle of a bunch of forest fires trying to figure out from one week to the next what it holds. I think it’s very sad for those teams,” he said. “There’s a lot of great dedicated players and coaches that all would very much like to play. If they can, they need to be given that opportunity. I think a lot of times you get a lot of administrators in the room, and it becomes very bureaucratic and I’m not sure they didn’t pull the plug too soon. When you consider around the world, nearly every sport is playing, every one of them. Europe and all the rest. I think about those coaches, those players, those fans. It’s real easy to say ‘let’s not because we’ll be less scrutinized if we do it one way instead of the other.’ But there’s a lot of people sacrificing an awful lot to not play this year over there.”