Mississippi State is one of those teams who may be in a schedule spin cycle soon based on testing and positive COVID-19 cases at other schools.

The Bulldogs are scheduled to play Georgia this week, but administrators around the SEC, including at schools MSU is set to play, are bracing for late schedule changes that could come this evening.

Ole Miss AD Keith Carter, for one, mentioned that the Rebels could play MSU or LSU this week even though they’re originally scheduled to play Texas A&M, but it was called off because the Aggies had less than 50 players available following COVID-19 protocols.

How would a possible schedule change on Monday night change your preparations?

MSU coach Mike Leach offered this answer.

“We’re prepared to play against Georgia, that’s what we’ve heard predominately, there are rumors swirling and things like that,” Leach said. “… It’d be an unmitigated, torturous nuisance. What was it Cal and UCLA got something like 36 hours notice? … It’d be very difficult, it’d be very difficult. I’ve been up all last night watching film and taking notes and writing stuff down, will be at it tonight. To try to pinpoint things a little bit and then all of a sudden for them to change, no, it’d be pretty tough.”