Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach is well-known for his accomplishments on the field, but may have received even more attention for some of his comments on topics that have nothing to do with football at all.

Wedding advice is something that has been added to that list, and Alyssa Lang of SEC Network received some of it during an interview with Leach as MSU defeated Texas A&M, 42-24.

One of his first points was keeping things “on the down low.”

And he’s also big on privacy and tying the knot in a time where work isn’t busy with football, considering Lang is marrying another college football reporter, after all.

“As soon as the season’s over or even in an off week, go elope,” Leach said. “Because basically every female in the family is going to terrorize you guys until it’s over. Once it’s over, they’ll be upset for a few days, but it’ll be over. Then you cruise along, have a happy marriage, have a happy life.”