Mike Leach had some unique opinions about Halloween candy on Saturday night following a Mississippi State win over Vanderbilt.

He shared them with Alyssa Lang of the SEC Network, and said gummie bears are his favorite.

“Got to be the Haribo ones,” Leach said. “And then the other thing I love is when they used to have the Sprees in a box, outstanding. You have to go to the dollar store to find it, but I do. And then the latest, there’s still candy innovation. Although a while back, I found that Europe had better candy than we did overall. Because they have gummie everything. You know they have those Nerds clusters, which is new, which is good, the Nerds clusters is good. Then if you go chocolate, probably Almond Joy.”

Earlier in the week, on a production call with the SEC Network crew, Leach shared how much he hates candy corn.