Mike Leach isn’t afraid to give his thoughts on just about anything. That’s part of his, let’s say, appeal as a college football coach.

During Monday’s press conference previewing Mississippi State’s upcoming game against Arkansas, plenty of football questions were asked, as is customary. Also on the docket: the top 5 items he’d bring to a tailgate (transcript courtesy of 247Sports).

Some will bring Bloody Marys, I imagine. A comfortable lawn chair to get a little sleep in before kickoff. Something good to eat that is quick and easy and will energize you. (coffee?). Yeah, definitely. You need your sunglasses. You’re gonna have a long [day] after the tailgate, so a good TV set up, one of those screens out on the lawn to watch the other games.

Is it really difficult to imagine a mental picture of Leach rolling up to a tailgate with these items? And, while we’re at it, here’s a gift idea for someone like Leach in his early 60s, courtesy of Leach himself:

A day off. I’d go on a road trip somewhere. Pick out somewhere cool, no boring stuff. No cellphones. Eat at some great places.

There’s literally no one in college football like Mike Leach. Let’s hope he never changes.