Mike Leach is still irritated with how the Memphis game turned last season on a controversial punt return that later caused the SEC to issue a statement about the officiating.

At issue is Memphis star Calvin Austin scoring on a 94-yard punt return in a play that could have been ruled down. It was a play during a frantic final 6 minutes in a game from September that included onside kicks, penalties and reviews, some of which are still irritating Leach. He shared as much on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday ahead of the game this week against Memphis.

“Well, I didn’t make the call. The officials did,” Leach said.

Asked if he would do anything differently, Leach said, “No. There are things they need to do differently.”

The SEC shared a statement on social media after the game and argued that the punt return should have been reviewed after the back judge, part of an SEC officiating crew, had signaled to stop the clock after the punted ball stopped moving. The signal apparently went unseen.

As for his team this season, Leach said Will Rogers “needs to keep practicing and working with the guys around him,” and what he likes most about his team is its energy and that the Bulldogs play hard.