Mike Leach is aware of the changing dynamics in college football, and at SEC Media Days on Tuesday, he shared concerns with conferences growing too big.

“I think we’re starting to cloud definition on what’s a conference and what’s a league,” Leach said. “It’s a little bulky, I’d say. If it’s just a conference, everybody plays everybody quite a bit, 10 to 12 I think is kind of what you’re after. I don’t think it’s realistic to play more than 16 games, or too many more. But it’s good to have quality teams all working together. Since we were children, there’s not a team in the SEC you haven’t heard of.”

Based on Greg Sankey’s comments from Monday, the SEC at the moment doesn’t appear to be set to expand soon.

“This keeps the SEC in contiguous states, which reflects a reasonable geography and like-minded universities,” Sankey said. “There’s no sense of urgency in our league. No panic in reaction to others’ actions. We know who we are.”