The 2021 signing class was technically the second recruiting class under Mike Leach. The Leach staff was hired on Jan. 9, 2020, and added to MSU’s class ahead of February’s National Signing Day. The 2021 class was the Leach staff’s first full cycle recruiting for Mississippi State.

In a recent interview with Steve Robertson of 247Sports, Leach was asked to share his early impressions of the class he just signed.

“I think it’s good. Ask me again in two years and I can give you a more clear answer,” Leach said. “I have been optimistic about all of the classes I have had. You know, you work so hard to recruit them that you can talk yourself into anything. I don’t have any another Mississippi State classes to compare it to, so I can’t really comment to that. I was really excited about the reception our recruits had in regard to Mississippi State, in regard to coming to Starkville and in regard to playing on this team. I felt like they were all quality guys that were really hungry to have their ball in their hands.

Leach seems to like recruiting players in the Magnolia State and surrounding SEC footprint.

“They’re tough people who love football,” Leach said of the Bulldogs’ signees. “The state of Mississippi and the Southeast region provides some of the help there. You might like this high school or that high school or you might like their scheme, but you love their commitment to football. There is a difference between liking football and needing football. That’s the part I was excited about. We got some guys that didn’t just measure out. They are good players that love football. Hopefully, we did a good job of evaluating that. It’s not going to be as complete as some years where you get to spend more time together and really get to know each other with the visits and all the rest.”

MSU’s 2021 class features 21 high school signees and six transfers. The 247Sports Composite ranks the class No. 9 in the SEC and No. 25 nationally.