Mike Leach has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion.

So, after Ole Miss QB Matt Corral won the Conerly Trophy, given annually to the best football player in the state of Mississippi, Leach couldn’t help but poke some fun at Texas.

Texas high school football is often held up as the best in the country, but Leach says in the video below that Corral is evidence as to why California high school football is better:

“The best high school football in America’s in California,” Leach said. “If you could go through an America list, and you could match up with the Texans with that. Just ask Matt right here. I’ve been on the receiving end of a little of his work. We tried to break him. We didn’t quite get it done. I can go through California, and that really annoys the Texans.”

We’ll see if those comments help Leach recruit in the state of California, a state he has ties to from his days in the Pac-12 at Washington State.