Considering his history coaching against Texas and Oklahoma, there may not be a better active coach in the SEC to ask about expansion than Mike Leach.

Long before taking over at Mississippi State, Leach was the head coach of Texas Tech from 2000-2009, during which time Leach led the Red Raiders to their finest moments in the Big 12.

Back in 2008, Texas Tech won 11 games. That season, Texas Tech rose all the way up to No. 2 in the polls. During the 2002, 2005, and 2007 seasons, the Red Raiders won eight games each fall.

Now with the Longhorns and Sooners poised to make the jump to the SEC, Leach was asked to share his thoughts on the two biggest programs from the Big 12 joining the nation’s best football conference.

“It won’t be simple,” Leach said to Ben Portnoy The State. “Suddenly some of these people just simply get jealous and don’t want to be left out. Then in the state of Texas and Oklahoma too, some of those schools that don’t get selected are going to be battling the ones that did — (it’s a) ‘no, you can’t without us’ type of thing. Obviously the attorneys are going to make out like bandits on this.”

While he did not offer up any specifics regarding how he would structure the new-look SEC, Leach said he favors the four-team pod/division system when the SEC expands to a 16-team conference.