Mike Leach has drawn attention in recent years by spending part of his offseason teaching a course on insurgent warfare and football strategy. Leach first taught the class in 2019 at Washington State, and now he is bringing that class to Mississippi State, the school announced.

Leach, along with his friend, former Washington state senator and current Spokane County treasurer Michael Baumgartner, will host an insurgent warfare and football strategy class on Friday, April 8, on the MSU campus. The event will be held at the Old Main Wingo Auditorium at 5:30 p.m. with doors opening at 5 p.m. Baumgartner served as a State Department Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad during the Iraq surge, helping coordinate economic and counterinsurgency operations.

“You’re getting a group to work together when there’s chaos going on everywhere,” Leach said. “Of course, there are goals and objectives and things you have to protect as far as vulnerabilities. Then there are things you have that are strengths you want to utilize. And then the more strengths you can discover and utilize, the more vulnerabilities you can find on the opponent and the better off you’ll be.”

For Friday’s edition, Leach and Baumgartner will reunite to discuss how successful football and warfare somewhat go hand in hand.

“We’ll talk all about what we’re trying to achieve and draw the parallels in between,” Leach said.