Mississippi State players, coaches and fans had strong reactions to the SEC’s response to officiating errors in the game at Memphis on Saturday. The officials had several wrong or non-calls in the fourth quarter alone.

State Athletics Director John Cohen issued a statement on Sunday about the issues, and said, “It is extremely disappointing when student-athletes are not fully in control of a game’s outcome, especially when taking into consideration the time, effort and resources put into an officiating system created to eliminate human error on the field whenever possible.”

Late Saturday, the SEC issued a statement about the officiating, and outlined its stance.

At issue was a 94-yard punt return by Memphis in the fourth quarter by Calvin Austin III, where the Bulldogs did not down the ball, and Austin scooped it up on the return. The league also admitted that it missed a call that Memphis had a pair of players wearing the No. 4 jersey on the field at the same time. State was also flagged during an onside kick that it recovered.