Mississippi State will leave Memphis with a bitter taste in its mouth.

That’s because 2 late game-changing plays were absolutely botched by the game’s officiating crew.

On the first play, Memphis picked up a punt that had been touched by Mississippi State and returned it 93 yards for a touchdown. That’s perfectly legal, but one ref was already signaling the play over:

Exciting, wild play, right? Well, it turns out Memphis had 2 players wearing the same number (No. 4) on the field for that play, so it shouldn’t have counted.

Then, later in the game, Mississippi State appeared to recover an onside kick, but it was ruled on the field that the Bulldogs touched the ball before the 10-yard limit. Upon review, it was discovered that the ball did travel the required 10 yards.

MSU ball, right? Well, no. The refs said there was an illegal block on the play. The problem? You’re not allowed to call that after a review.

Fans and media members were irate. You can see some of the reaction on Twitter:




Mississippi State ended up losing 31-29.