The saga of Jeffery Simmons looks to continue without a resolution in sight.

The latest news from Mississippi State’s five-star signee involves his court preceding stemming from his assault of a woman, which was captured on video and posted to social media.

Simmons was due in court Tuesday, however both he and his victim asked for a continuance, as both parties are disputing restitution:

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen has asked during last week’s SEC West Teleconference if there was any update on Simmons’ status with the team. Mullen curtly responded: “Nope.”

Immediately after the video was made public, Mullen claimed an “evaluation process” would be undertaken before a final decision on Simmons’ status was made. A follow up question for Mullen came when he was asked how the “evaluation process” was going. Mullen’s response: “Good.”

Mullen was not asked anything else about Simmons during the teleconference.

All this begs the question, if Simmons wasn’t a five-star recruit, would MSU even bother attempting to enroll a prospect with this much baggage hanging around his head?