Let’s hope Elijah Moore has a good sense of humor about his infamous Egg Bowl moment because that image is likely to haunt him for a long time if he doesn’t have the ability to laugh it off at this point.

With the state of Mississippi set to change its state flag following an offseason of renewed support from within the state to do so, the commission to redesign the Mississippi State flag has received over 2,000 submissions according to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

That database of submissions is available for viewing online and can even be voted on here. (What could go wrong?)

Well, for fans of the Egg Bowl, and in particular, followers from Mississippi State, one image among the many that were submitted is likely to stand out more than any other.

Credit the person that submitted this image from the 2019 Egg Bowl for at least finding a way to insert “In God We Trust” on it in order to make the image a legitimate option for selection.

Here is the image:

While the odds may not be great, there’s at least a chance this image is the new flag image for the state of Mississippi.