Mississippi State’s mascot got a surprise early in the game against Auburn when Auburn RB Boobie Whitlow crashed into him on the first touchdown of the game.

As Whitlow was tackled when he crossed the goal line, his momentum took him into “Bully,” who was turned the other direction and didn’t see Whitlow under they collided with one another. “Bully” is an American Kennel Club-registered English bulldog, and the current mascot for State is named “Jak” or Bully XXI and is the son of “Champ,” Bully XX, according to the school.

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe said the dog left the field shortly after the collision.

For some SEC fans, this brings back memories to Georgia mascot UGA V trying to take a bite out of Auburn wide receiver Robert Baker in 1996. It’s a picture many can recall who have been a part of the rivalry, as handler Charles Seiler pulled UGA away as Baker lunged to avoid him.