Mississippi State baseball is getting set to defend its College World Series title, and the Bulldogs have put out a hype video and said that they’re “too focused on making more” history.

The video was narrated by members of the team, as it showed images of program greats, and the celebration last year following the successful trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

The program even titled a news release to preview the season, “Attacking, Not Defending.”

“We celebrated the national championship in the fall,” head coach Chris Lemonis said. “I felt like the kids deserved that and our community deserved that because [last summer after winning, we were] gone so fast… The message now is that it’s a new season, and this is about us. It’s not fair for this group to have the expectations of a last year’s team. We’ve talked a good bit about not defending the national championship but attacking the next season – the next championship. We’re going to put that trophy in a nice spot and everybody’s going to remember that team forever, and then this program is going to move on and try to win another one.”