Mississippi State is trying something unique to entice fans to fill some lesser-utilized areas in Davis Wade Stadium.

The Bulldogs unveiled plans for “The Balconies” on Wednesday. Basically, The Balconies “will essentially serve as an in-venue extension of a tailgating scene,” per a release from the school.

They’ll be located on the stadium’s west side, at both ends of the upper deck. You can see some photos of The Balconies below:

“We’re so excited to provide our Mississippi State fanbase with a new, premium option,” AD John Cohen said in a release. “The Balconies at Davis Wade Stadium will provide groups of families and friends a unique football gameday opportunity featuring the mobility and socialization our fans enjoy so much.”

The Balconies will be ready for the 2022 season. We’ll see if they become a popular place for Bulldog fans to catch the game.