Reggie Perry is ready to go pro. The Mississippi State standout and SEC Co-Player of the Year announced Sunday that he will enter the NBA Draft. Announcements were shared from the Twitter accounts of Perry and the MSU basketball team. Perry opened his message talking about the current coronavirus situation before declaring his decision.

“While we are navigating through uncharted waters dealing with the coronavirus and establishing new normals in our lives – I wanted to take this time to speak from the heart to the Bulldog Nation and to encourage everyone that this too shall pass, and that we shall overcome. With that being said – after much prayer, and talking with my parents, my siblings and Coach (Ben) Howland, it is time for me to continue my life on the next level of basketball as a professional,” Perry said. “Thank you Mississippi State fans for embracing me as soon as I decided to be a Bulldog. Thank you to the student section that chanted my name at the home games. That not only inspired me to continue to work hard but also made me a thorn in our opponent’s side.

“A special thank you to my teammates that have loved me through thick and thin, believed in me and the brotherhood that we have established in these two years, I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Coach Howland for pushing me to places that I never knew I would be able to go and always telling me the truth.”

Perry averaged a double-double this season, leading the SEC with 10.1 rebounds per game plus 17.4 points while shooting 50 percent from the field. With those averages, it’s no surprise he led the conference with 17 double-doubles in 2019-20.