At the 2019 NFL Combine, Mississippi State EDGE Montez Sweat was a breakout star, rising to the top five on many draft boards.

After the event, though, a health issue surfaced, and news about that made its way through the media. However, it wasn’t a new issue for Sweat, who had been cleared to play at Mississippi State and has been cleared by numerous doctors over the years.

On Saturday, Sweat announced he would not be attending the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, where he’s projected to be a first-round pick. He will instead watch with his family in Georgia.

That decision prompted some speculation that Sweat’s heart condition was more serious than he let on and perhaps he was concerned about falling out of the first round altogether. However, on Saturday night, Sweat cleared the air, saying he’s disappointed in the narrative about his heart condition and reiterating that he wants to watch with his family:

The draft is a special moment for more than just the player, and Sweat wants to spend it surrounded by loved ones.

There’s almost no chance he falls out of the first round, so expect to see his name called on Thursday night.