Protesters interrupted the Texas A&M-Mississippi State game last week, and a new report offers more insight into why they chose that game, and the subject they wanted to raise awareness about.

Caroline Serrano, 28, of Powder Springs, Georgia, and Jenna Upchurch, 28, of Mount Airy, North Carolina, were arrested after being dragged off the field at Davis Wade Stadium last week, according to a report from Ben Portnoy of The Dispatch.

Armed with posters that read “TAMU: Stop Cruel Dog Tests, PETA,” Upchurch and Serrano scampered around the MSU logo on the 50-yard line before being apprehended by the Mississippi State University Police Department and state troopers. Upchurch attempted to run away from a state trooper, who then tackled her to the ground.

This isn’t the first time protesters have targeted a Texas A&M game.

At issue is an effort to bring awareness to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy canine testing being conducted in laboratories at Texas A&M.

“These young women decided to risk their own freedom to make a statement about shutting the dog lab down,” Tricia Lebkuecher, assistant manager of demo campaigns for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told The Dispatch in an interview Tuesday.

According to Lebkuecher, this was the third such instance in which PETA supporters disrupted a Texas A&M football game to protest against the lab research. The previous two demonstrations occurred at the 2019 Texas Bowl and the 2017 Belk Bowl. As was the case Saturday, protestors in those cases donned all black outfits and presented signs with messages ranging from “TEXAS A&M STOP CRUEL DOG TESTS” to “TEXAS A&M: SHUT THE DOG LAB DOWN.”

Here is another photo of the incident.

Oct 17, 2020; Starkville, Mississippi, USA; A Mississippi Highway Patrolman apprehends a fan who ran onto the field and displayed a PETA sign during the first quarter of the game between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Texas A&M Aggies at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Lebkuecher, who said she also attended Saturday’s game, explained Upchurch’s and Serrano’s motivation.

“Facts and figures often aren’t enough to grab people’s attention,” she said. “So these two women decided to try to make a statement by bringing attention in the best way they knew how to a cause that’s very near and dear to their hearts.”