Shared names can lead to some amusing mistakes. That was the case in a recent New York Times article.

In an article about president-elect Joe Biden filling out his staff, the Times mentioned Biden adding “Michael Leach” as “chief diversity and inclusion director.” The article, attributed to Eileen Sullivan and David E. Sanger, mentioned Leach being the former head coach of Texas Tech.

As RedditCFB’s Twitter account pointed out, it appears the Times reporters confused Mike Leach with Michael Leach, a former assistant with the Chicago Bears and senior manager of labor relations for the NFL Management Council. It’s certainly understandable that political reporters who might not follow football could get two people named “Michael Leach” with backgrounds in the sport mixed up.

Mississippi State Bulldogs football fans, however, can rest assured that Coach Leach, a longtime friend of Biden rival President Donald Trump, isn’t leaving Starkville for Washington D.C.

The Times issued an updated to the article:

An earlier version of this item inaccurately said that Mr. Leach also coached Texas Tech football, but that coach was a different man with the same name.