Last season, the Dallas Cowboys found out the hard way just how valuable Dak Prescott is to the franchise.

The Cowboys finished the season with a losing record for the first time since Prescott became the team’s starting quarterback after the all-time great from Mississippi State was lost for the remainder of the year after suffering a tough injury in the fifth game of the season.

Complicating matters in Dallas, the team and Prescott could not agree to a long-term contract extension leading up to the season, leaving the face of the Cowboys to play on a one-year, franchise contract.

Now the two sides are in the same situation this offseason while Prescott is working hard in rehab in order to find his way back onto the field.

So where do things currently stand in Dallas?

Ian Rapoport shared the latest during a recent NFL Network appearance.

“This quarterback is not going anywhere and that’s Dak Prescott,” Rapoport said. “But it remains to be seen, will he get the long-term extension that he has wanted, or do the Cowboys have to franchise tag him and simply deal with it at another point.

“Here is my understanding of where things stand between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott. Things are positive, they are having conversations, there’s been some progress. All of that is very good. I don’t think any of that is groundbreaking but it really wasn’t at this time last year. If the Cowboys have to tag him, they can. Wouldn’t be ideal but certainly, they could make it work.”