Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald was carted off the football field in the first half of Thursday night’s Egg Bowl between the Bulldogs and Ole Miss.

Fitzgerald suffered an apparently ankle injury, but instead of hanging out in the locker room, he made sure to make it back out with his team after the halftime break.

When Fitzgerald was being taken off the field, he appeared to render a middle finger salute at someone.

While Fitzgerald did not deny that he flipped someone off, he tried to clear it up by tweeting that it was between him and backup quarterback Keytoan Thompson.

Some people thought that perhaps Fitzgerald was rendering the salute at Ole Miss fans.

Here was his response:

Here are a couple of looks at the middle finger from Fitzgerald that some people had an issue with:

Ole Miss led Mississippi State 17-6 at the time of this post, midway through the third quarter.