Stop me if you’ve heard this before — Skip Bayless said something stupid.

Usually, folks write off whatever Bayless says; however, he’s now under fire for his comments regarding Dak Prescott’s battle with depression.

Depression is certainly real, and many people struggle with it daily. So do NFL quarterbacks.

The Dallas Cowboys — and former Mississippi State — signal caller opened up on his battle with depression recently in an interview following the death of his older brother, Jace.

“Mental health leads to the health of everything else,” Prescott said. “Before I can lead, I have to make sure my mind is in the right place to do that and lead people to where they want to be. I think that it’s important to be vulnerable, to be genuine and to be transparent. I think that goes a long way when you are a leader and your voice is being heard by so many and you can inspire.

“When you have thoughts that you’ve never had, I think that’s more so than anything a chance to realize it and recognize it and to be vulnerable about it,” Prescott continued. “I like to inspire. I like to put a smile on people’s faces, day in and day out. And I like to lead. When that’s taken away from you simply because you’re forced to quarantine and not be around people and get around people as much as you would like to, yeah, it’s tough.

“As it was for, I’m sure, the majority of the world.”

Well, Bayless ended up criticizing Prescott’s comments publicly on FS1 (below).

Bayless’ comments are transcribed below:

“I’m going to ask our audience to feel free to go ahead and condemn me if you choose as cold-blooded and insensitive on this issue. I have deep compassion for clinical depression.”

“But when it comes to the quarterback of a NFL team, you know this as well as I do or better than I do, it’s the ultimate leadership position in sports, am I right about that? You are commanding an entire NFL franchise, what’s the roster at now, 53 guys? …And they’re all looking to you to be their CEO, to be in charge of the football team. Because of all that, I don’t have sympathy for him going public with ‘I got depressed, I suffered depression early in COVID, to the point that I couldn’t even go work out.’”

“Look, he’s the quarterback of America’s Team, and you know and I know, this sport that you play, it is dog-eat-dog. It is no compassion, no quarter given on the football field. If you reveal publicly any little weakness, it can affect your team’s ability to believe in you in the toughest spots, and it definitely can encourage others on the other side to come after you. You throw an interception, you’re going to hear ‘You depressed, number four?’ That sort of thing. You get sacked, ‘How’d that feel? You getting down about it?’ You just can’t go public with it, in my humble opinion.”

Bayless’ contract is up at the end of this month. Will this affect his future at FOX Sports? #SkipJobless is trending worldwide on Twitter currently.