If there’s one former SEC coach to identify the issues around the Air Raid offense at Mississippi State, it’s former Florida and South Carolina legend Steve Spurrier.

Spurrier was a guest on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network and shared his impressions of the offense, which took the league by storm two weeks ago in an upset of LSU, and then had the tables turned thanks to a zone defense in an upset loss to Arkansas.

“I don’t think you can live on a bunch of five-yard passes,” Spurrier told Chris Doering and Peter Burns.

Spurrier added that Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom borrowed the strategy Washington used against Washington State when Leach was with the Cougars and duplicated it in Starkville on Saturday.

“I wish Mississippi State had a running attack, I wish the Air Raid had a tight end to come in there occasionally and let’s run straight at the guys, but that’s not part of the Air Raid,” Spurrier said. “So they’re going to see that same defense and you watched it I’m sure Chris and hopefully Mississippi State will be prepared for that defense a little bit better.”

In the loss, Bulldogs QB K.J. Costello saw his numbers drop precipitously from LSU to Arkansas.

Total yards went from 623 to 313, while yards per play dropped from 10.4 to 5.3, and the Bulldogs had just one 20-yard play against Arkansas compared to 15 against LSU.