All 32 NFL teams passed on former Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott at least once in last year’s NFL Draft, with many teams passing on him three or four times before the Dallas Cowboys selected him in the fourth round.

After winning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award, it’s fair to say many of those teams are kicking themselves now.

However, at least one team — the Denver Broncos — had a valid excuse, as Prescott showed up late to his meeting with the team after missing a flight out of Orlando, where he was training.

As the Cowboys prepare to take on the Broncos on Sunday afternoon, Prescott relived that now-funny snafu:

The Cowboys opened the 2017 season with a convincing win over the New York Giants on Sunday night, while the Broncos narrowly escaped the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night.

With a 2-0 start on the line, it’ll be fun to see how Prescott handles the star-studded Denver defense.